Tools for Web Content Writers

Here are links to tools and other resources to help you write your articles.

The Plagiarism Checker
Don't waste everybody's time by submitting plagiarized articles. We are very strict with article originality. Clients return articles containing plagiarism hits. This means that you will not be paid for a plagiarized work.

The Word Counter
This tool is very essential especially if your tasks have a specific word count requirement.

Orangoo Spell Check
Don't forget to do a spell check before submitting any of your articles! Spelling errors are definitely a no-no.
At a loss for words? Trying to find the most appropariate word for your article? Check out and be reminded of that elusive word.

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Application for Web Content Writer

If you are a Filipino looking for a freelance writing gig, look no further! Here at WriteGigs, we are always looking for fresh talents to write articles for the web.

The application process is fairly easy.

Email us at stating your interest to join the team.

Once we have received your email, we will send you two or three trial articles (usually two original articles or three rewrites). We will set a deadline for these trial articles.

Submit the trial articles. We will send you an email within 24 hours if you have made the cut.

We are very strict with deadlines, so make sure to send the trial articles on time.

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